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Two days ago my friend and I were browsing through Groupon and we came across a $12 lunch deal for two at Sukjai Thai Restaurant. The deal was too good to miss so we bought it, made a reservation and had our food. The deal gives each person a glass of coke and allows you to pick 2 dishes from - fried rice, pad thai, pad see eew or pad kee mow (vegetarian, pork, chicken or beef).

sukjai thai restaurant:
I had heard about Sukjai from another friend and had suggested it to me earlier in the year but never had the chance to try.

sukjai's interior:
In the middle of the tiny restaurant is a large multi-coloured disco ball and cute paintings in odd shapes and sizes are hung on the walls. Opposite from us is a large and super cute plane mural. There's upbeat music playing in the background and the atmosphere is light and fun. The wooden tables and chairs are extremely close to each other making the restaurant seem even smaller, warmer and cozier!

I love it when restaurants of interesting interior designs!

pad kee mow - beef ($13.90):

Stir fried flat rice noodles with chilli, hot basil, young pepper, egg, chopped garlic, mushroom and beans. We were feeling a bit more adventurous than our usual order of either Thai fried rice or pad thai, we ordered pad kee mow. The same wide, flat and soft rice noodles used in pad see ew are stir fried similarly except it is noticeably more fragrant with the addition of chilli, pepper, sweet corn and beans. The chilli definitely gives an extra kick to the whole dish and I will definitely be ordering this next time I have Thai.

pad see eew ($13.90):
Stir fried flat rice noodles in sweet soya sauce with egg and Chines broccoli. No complaints about this except I didn't really like the addition of black beans. Other than that, it was pretty good - I think it's pretty hard to mess up this pad see eew or pad thai.

pa tong go ($6.50):
Sukjai house favourite deep fried doughnut served with sweet pandan custard sauce. I had been longing to have this since having it at Home Thai a while ago. The small pieces of sweet dough are made and deep fried instantly after you order it. It was served while it was still extremely hot with oil glistening on the dough. The sweet pandan custard is not too heavy or too sweet and doesn't make the pieces of doughnut feel oily at all. It's extremely soft yet crunch at the same time and super fluffy inside.

Overall it was such a nice dining experience! The staff were extremely attentive and food arrived relatively quickly. There was no rush for you to finish eating and leave and the food wasn't bad at all! I can't wait to be back for more!
sukjai thai
415 pitt st
haymarket NSW 2000
m: 0435 825 852

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