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For our Christmas work party, our boss made a reservation at Frango. On a Saturday night at 7:30pm, the place was so packed the line extended past the doors. Luckily we had a table reserved!

Images taken from Frango Bella Vista Facebook Page.

The tables were dressed with placemats made out of paper, a napkin for each diner, forks and knives. It was all very casual .

charcoal chicken:

Original Frango Portugese charcoal chicken. On the table were 3 white bottles and 3 red bottles. The white consisted of mayonnaise and the red contained some home made peri peri chilli sauce. The two sauces combined with the chicken and a cup of sangria was just heavenly! Usually you can get really dry stringy charcoal chicken but it was still pretty tender and moist! The skin was not very burnt yet it was still crunchy.

sliced hand cut potatoes - large ($13.50):
The more experienced diners among us recommended hand cut potato chips over fries. At first it simply tasted like the Original flavoured Kettle chips. But soon you begin the appreciate the the extremely crispy edges and a much creamier and softer thin potato centre.

seasoned boiled rice (tomato) - large: ($12.00):

The Asians who attended the party (me included), were not so familiar with such wet and soft rice so we didn't particularly find the texture that enjoyable.

garden salad - large ($15.00):
Lettuce, tomato, capsicum, cucumber, red onion, olives, oregano with a lemon vinaigrette.

lamb portugese espetada skewer ($29.00):

A 3/4 metre long skewer packed with 9 pieces of meat of your choice, marinated in rock salt and garlic, then hand barbecued over hot charcoal. This was so nice! I love lamb and these huge chunks of meat were so good - a bit chewy but tasted so simple and nice.

As much as I wanted to dry some of their desserts, I was so stuffed, it was out of the question. Despite being so busy, the staff were extremely kind and service was great! The loud and casual atmosphere definitely made the whole gathering really enjoyable! I can't wait to come back!
ground floor shop 5
29-31 lexington drive
bella vista NSW 2153
t: (02) 9672 6474

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