fatman catering pty ltd, st johns park

I use to live a 5 minute walk from St Johns Park Shopping Village. And it has changed so much from about 10 years ago! What was a tiny grocery store has been replaced by the growing popular Fatman Catering Pty Ltd.

fatman catering pty ltd:
The place is super tiny with a few spots inside and outside. There are so many options to choose from the menu, just one look at it will make your head spin. It's not your average diner place.

boscaiola ($10.00):
Fettuccine cooked in bacon mushroom, shallots and cream sauce served with garlic bread and a can of soft drink.

chicken and prawns ($14.00):
Grilled chicken breast topped with Fatman's  creamy garlic prawns sauce. Served with chips, salad and a can of soft drink. The creamy sauce helped to cover up the dryness of the chicken.

steak and prawns ($15.00):
Grain fed rump steak cooked to your liking with your liking topped with Fatman's creamy garlic prawns. Served with chips, salad and a can of soft drink. Actually we ordered the grilled rump steak ($11.50) without the prawns but I guess they got the order mixed off - we weren't complaining.

crumbed fish with creamy garlic prawns ($12.00):

Fresh crumbed fish with Fatman's creamy garlic prawns served with chips, salad and a can of soft drink. The fish fillet tasted better than I expected - with a very crispy golden coat and very tender.

The portions were huge! All four of us did could not finish our dishes. The crinkle cut fries were still extremely crunchy despite being drenched in the garlic sauce and not in a burnt way either. The only complaint I would have was that after a while the creamy garlic sauce felt extremely heavy and slightly sickening. The prawns were extremely succulent and juicy though!
fatman catering pty ltd
3A/57 canberra st
st johns park NSW 2176
f: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fatman-Catering-Pty-Ltd/336382529789549
t: (02) 9610 5043
w: http://www.fatmancatering.com/default.html

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