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Before I begin, vegetarians, look away! It was my cousin's birthday last week and since everyone was free today, my mum decided to unite the family for some Korean barbecuing fun. It was a bit cold but after the coal started burning in front of us, we warmed up immediately!

We use to visit Lidcombe at least once a week for ballet lessons and right next door was a Korean BBQ restaurant. Because my classes were either extremely late or extremely early, we never got the chance to try it until recently. Since then, it has been my family's favourite Korean BBQ restaurant. Unlike many other places it uses coal to BBQ (instead of the electric type).


At first glance, the restaurant looks quite deserted and intimidating to enter. You'll probably wonder where all the BBQing happens since you can spell it from a mile away. Head straight through the hall into the back where you'll be able to see stainless steel tables occupied by local Koreans drinking soju and BBQing their meats.

complimentary side dishes:
marbled beef ($23.00):
ox tongue ($15.00):
pork neck ($17.00):

Everything tasted so fresh and tender. No complaints at all.

ox abomasum - makchang ($18.00):

I believe these are the large intestines of a cow (like chitterlings). After seeing Pikelet & Pie blog about gopchang (the large intestines), I told my dad about this and he said "Yeah! Back in the days, we use to grill or fry these until crisp!" (except in Cantonese because my dad cannot speak english). Well, he saw this on the menu and ordered it without telling us - at least it was nice - but really greasy.

grilled eel ($18.00):

This resembles the Japanese unagi but without so much of that thick sweetened soy sauce. Underneath is a layer of softened enoki mushroom and onion. The tail was the best part of this - I think this was my favourite dish of the night.

ginseng chicken soup ($20.00):

In Korean, this dish is called 'samgyetang'. The chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, jujube fruit, garlic and ginger. It is meant to improve your health when you eat it.

dolsot bibimbap ($13.00):
 osam bokkeum ($14.00):
That's all for now - I need to get rid of this smoky smell in my hair.

$153.00 for 6 people.
35 joseph street
lidcombe NSW 2141
t: 9646 1412
w: www.hanabirestaurant.com.au/

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