mad spuds cafe, surry hills

Mad Spuds Cafe is a small cozy cafe in Surry Hills known for its specialisation in potato dishes - using organic potatoes grown in Robertson. The cafe claims to deliver "quality nutritious and healthy breakfast, lunch and special organic baked spuds" to its customers. Two friends and I decided to meet up and have a late lunch here after uni today.

mad spuds cafe:
The interior is decorated with cute postcards and the shelves are lined with adorable potato figurines like Mr and Mrs Potato Head and pretty much all things potato you can think of! Too cute. There are also two large blackboards on the wall - one displaying today's specials.

Anything/place that specialises in one thing is always interesting. We were intrigued by most of the entries on the menu and decided to order three different dishes between the three of us and share it so we could taste a bit of everything.

mad spud's stack ($15.00):
Crispy potato cake, haloumi, avocado, roast onion, spud skins, sweet potato, mint yogurt. This was presented in such a pretty way. Couldn't bear to see it being deconstructed. The crispy potato cake was so creamy and warm. The spud skins were crisp and I loved the sweet potato mash. All the flavours really complement each other and I would definitely order this again next time.

potato nachos ($15):
Crispy spuds skins, spiced Mexican beef, smashed avocado and sour cream with cheese (extra $1). The potato had been split open and arranged into a flower shape! I never thought nachos could look so pretty! The spud skins were crispy and a little chewy. If they added just a bit more smashed avocado, it would have been perfect!

spud power ($15.00):

Chickpea crunch, beetroot relish, avocado, organic sprouts, olive oil. Two generously sized potatoes arrived on the plate. With the vegan choice, the cheese was omitted so each bite with the refreshing beetroot relish tasted really nice and light.

Although some of the dishes appeared to be very small, they were all incredibly filling and all of us struggled to finish our own dish. I'm also pretty amazed how they can present potatoes (which are pretty ugly looking vegetables in my opinion) in such a visually pleasing way. Service is also great - so friendly and welcoming.

Most dishes were priced around $15 which isn't too bad at all! If I ever come back, I definitely want to try their breakfast menu, coffee and juices!
Mad Spuds Cafe
479 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
t: (02) 9698 8108

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