tokkuri sake wine bar, sydney cbd

Tokkuri is a modern Japanese and Italian tapas, bar and restaurant located in the working district of the city. So it was a good idea to eat when lunch time rush hour was sort of at an end before starting lunch. At about 2 o'clock we were the only customers there!

tokkuri metcenter:
The interior is very simple - with a black 'theme'. Most seats are by the large glass windows with a larger communal table in the middle. There are super cute cushions on the sofa like seats!

pork belly set ($15.00):
Crispy pork belly served over cabbage and apple salad, soy vinaigrette with rice and salad. The pork belly skin was so crispy, meat under the layer of fat tasted lean and tender!

wagyu skirt steak ($15.00):
Pan seared wagyu skirt steak with yuzu chimichurri, rice and salad. I loved how the beef was still a little raw and very thin! Also very nice.

karaage chicken set ($14.00):
Deep fried marinated free range chicken served with spicy sauce, rice and salad. Although the batter for the chicken was very thin, it was still very crispy! and although it said spicy sauce, it tasted like mayonnaise mixed with thousand island or something - it was very creamy and not spicy at all!

miso soup:
With the lunch and dinner sets on the menu, they come with rice, salad and a bowl of miso soup. Salad has a very peanutty taste to the dressing. So nice!

greet tea brulee ($8.00):
Finished the meal with a very satisfying dessert. Maybe one of the best green tea brulees I've tried! You could actually taste the green tea flavour. The part under the glaze was still cold! Which is a rare encounter. Usually the whole thing isn't even a little bit cold. The good thing about the green tea brulee is that it doesn't taste as sweet as the normal creme brulee (Well to me anyway! Can't handle rich, creamy  sweet foods).

Very enjoyable experience. Staff were really nice and I prices were reasonable for this area.
tokkuri sake wine bar
shop 5/ 60 margaret st
sydney NSW 2000
t: (02) 9252 6345

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