ajisen ramen, haymarket

Ajisen Ramen is a series of ramen chains that originated from Japan. There are branches all over the world and repetitively seeing their famous asian-girl-holding-a-bowl logo for about a month did not help with my unhealthy obsession with japanese noodles or food. Since I was in the city today after buying my textbooks from UNSW, I dragged my brother to Ajisen Ramen for a fix of ramen.

ajisen ramen:
Ajisen Ramen is known for its milky/cloudy broth made of pork bones, different from the simple miso or shoyu based soups.There are many choices to choose from including udons, rices, yakisoba and side dishes.

chashu ramen ($10.95):

Ramen in Ajisen broth topped with an extra helping of savoury pork tenderloin roast, soy egg, wood ear mushrooms and lightly garnished with fresh scallions. The first thing I noticed was the generous amount of fatty, artery clogging chashu slices in comparison to other ramen houses but weren't that nice anyway - as in it didn't really taste that fresh.

tenderous ribs ramen ($10.95):

Ramen in Ajisen broth topped with a generous portion of slowly braised succulent pork ribs, crisp wood ear mushrooms, cabbage, soy egg and lightly garnished with fresh scallions.

Both broths had a pleasant peppery tinge to it, enhanced with a pinch of roasted garlic powder and chilli powder (which are in little containers on each table). Surprisingly though, the broth didn't feel that fatty and the collagen from the pork didn't smother my lips and stay there. I really liked the addition of wood ear mushrooms though but too bad the egg was fully cooked and did not have a 'googie' centre. Ramen noodles were okay as well.

fried squid ($6.50):

Surprisingly, the squid was really nice. We squeezed the lemon juice over the tentacles and dipped it in the Japanese mayonnaise without much though but was surprisingly crisp and saltiness level was right too.

The bill came to total of $28.40 - that's $14.20 per head and we were both super full. Servings were very generous - I always wonder how people can finish their ramen soup. I'm always too full after I finish the noodles! My brother was also fascinated with the customer service. He was wondering if water or tissues were provided and it immediately came.
ajisen ramen
94 hay street
sydney, NSW 2000
t: (02) 9211 8380

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