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What could be more satisfying than a comforting hearty bowl of pho on a windy winter's Friday night to warm your insides?


... Well maybe there is one. The Shack Stack from Shake Shack.

Okay. Okay. You're right. I've probably had enough Shack Shack for an entire year. It's time to eat (relatively) healthy.

So back to Saigon Shack...

It's a small Vietnamese restaurant, which specialises in sandwiches and noodles located on the vibrant and colourful cultural mishmash that is MacDougal Street. Even at 9pm, this place was packed. The wait was excruciating when you could smell the waft of aromatic soup through the crack of the door.

We didn't waste any time ordering. First up were three huge bowls of piping hot happiness.

Beef Brisket Pho ($8.00): 
Fresh thinly sliced beef brisket.
Melt in your mouth slices of brisket, fresh onions, basil and bean sprouts all over perfectly cooked thin rice noodles. This place should start serving pho with extra beef brisket as a side to everything. They do great brisket and there is never enough.

Classic Beef Pho ($8.00):
Fresh thinly sliced raw beef.
Unlike in Sydney, Saigon Shack serves its pho with thin rice vermicelli noodles. It's not as good texture-wise but they're cooked perfectly with just the right amount of firmness and bounciness.

Saigon Shack Pho ($9.95):
Fresh thinly sliced raw beef, beef balls and house brisket.

The Saigon Shack Pho is the ultimate bowl of pho and is close to what you would call a meaty heaven. The beef slices were cooked only slightly, retaining much of its tenderness and pillowy-ness, the beef balls were chewy, succulent and of course, there wasn't enough beef brisket.

The broth was mellow and mild. While it didn't contain the depth of flavour I usually prefer at Pho Tau Bay in Sydney, when dressed with basil, a squeeze of lemon, a few drops of Sriracha and sprinkled with some jalapenos, it was a pretty solid soup that will definitely satisfy anyone with pho cravings.

People often rave on and on about pho and forget the other dishes Vietnamese restaurants have to offer. Like vermicelli bowls for example.

Shrimp and Spring Roll Vermicelli ($9.00):
Although vermicelli bowls are best eaten in the Summer, they are my second favourite Vietnamese dish after Com Tam, which means it's one of those foods I enjoy regardless of the weather. Each wide plate is served with refreshing cucumbers, crunchy bean sprouts, crisp lettuce, fresh carrots and daikon, topped with fragrant scallions, crispy fried shallots and the topping of your choice.

Just one look, and I knew this beautiful plate would be absolutely amazing. The marinated shrimp was succulent and juicy while the spring rolls were just a huge bite of crispy deliciousness. Douse the noodles and veges in the spicy nuoc cham, mix and dig in!

If the grilled shrimp and spring roll vermicelli plate didn't win you over maybe this will.

Duck Breast Vermicelli Bowl ($12.95):

It's the same deal as the previous vermicelli bowl except instead of the shrimp and egg rolls, you have thick cuts of juicy duck breast in a light and sweet hoisin sauce. The duck meat was insane. It was so tender, and extremely well marinated.

Plus, these bowls aren't just pretty, healthy and tasty, they also make you feel like a responsible adult eating your greens so you should totally order them!

If I ever get the chance to come back, I would definitely want to try one of their banh mi flavour combinations, some of their appetisers and without doubt, I would order another vermicelli bowl.
Saigon Shack
114 MacDougal Street
Greenwich Village, New York 10012
t: (212) 228-05888

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  1. I live about 15 minutes from here and I always hear good things about this place. I'm missing out aren't I? I need to try their food asap.

    Lovely pictures by the way.

    1. Thanks!

      Only 15? hahah you should definitely try the vermicelli bowls! ^_^

  2. It is very Informative Post..... I Like this Post.... Thanks for Sharing this Informative Post with us.....



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