gumshara ramen, haymarket

Gumshara Ramen is a small store located in the corner of Eating World food court in Chinatown.  I would never have discovered this place if it wasn't for the internet.

gumshara ramen:
“Our soup is made by traditional Japanese way to cook which only uses fresh pork bone and water. No MSG is used. The richness of the soup comes from the marrow of the bone and the soft bone. It contains a lot of collagen which is essential to maintain smooth skin” The chef uses 120kg of pork bones a day to create the thick tonkotsu ramen broth. No salt or sugar is used either - only soy sauce is added after soup has been added to a bowl of ramen.

garlic tonkotsu ramen noodle ($11.50):

Add soft boiled egg for an extra $1.50. Afraid we wouldn't be able to finish the large of noodles, we ordered one egg between the two of us and took a half each. Each mouthful of noodles and broth was packed full of flavour. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the meat was super super tender. The broth is so rich in collagen that by the time I finish snapping two photos of my ramen, a thick layer has already congealed on top. It didn't feel as greasy as you'd expect.

If you don't like such thick soups, you can ask for the lighter and less saltier version available (the one used in the Hakata ramen) I think out of all the ramen places I've tried in Sydney, I like Gumshara's noodles best. Hope to be back here soon!
gumshara ramen
shop 211 25-29 dixon st
haymarket, NSW 2000
m: 04 1025 3180

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