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Home Thai is a busy Thai restaurant on Sussex Street. On most nights, you'll probably see a long que of people waiting for a table. There's a big open kitchen that you can see from outside. Talking to your friends and watching all the cooking action makes the wait go by a lot quicker.
It's a Monday night and there's still a lot of people. We arrive at little earlier today, at 5:40 and there's no line. But not for long, as we wait for 2 more people to arrive before we can be seated, the line grows longer and the waiting list grows. We're then lead inside to a large isolated table with wooden chairs. The waitress comes to the table to takes our order on an iPad, attached to a Gucci bag! People these days, so tech savy, quickly tapping away our order!

home thai:
chicken pad thai ($9.90):

A popular thai wok tossed noodle with thin rice noodles, chicken, egg and tamarind sauce. Served with chilli, sugar, fresh lemon, peanuts and bean sprouts. It's a generous serving size and it's so thoughtful how they have the sugar, chilli, peanuts and bean sprouts separate so you can add to suit your taste. You can't really go to a Thai restaurant without ordering this.

musmun ($13.50):

Slow cooked beef with massaman curry paste, coconut milk, tomato, onion, peanut on top with fried onion. A large stick of cinnamon sits on top, and you can kind of taste it as you eat but still a nice balance of sweet and savoury. The large chunks of beef are definitely slow cooked, very stringy. The potatoes were so good! I liked how it didn't feel heavy like normal curried.

kui chay ($5.90):

Steamed dumpling stuffed with garlic chive. Most tables ordered this too. It can be super plain without the sauce but I can't judge this because I am not a fan of chives in dumplings.

sai groog isan ($9.90):

A homemade Thai sausage traditionally from eastern part of Thailand grilled and served with fresh ginger and vegetables. The sausage is tasty but maybe too flavoursome so its better eaten with your rice or something bland.

yum nue yang ($9.50):

Grilled marinated beef in medium cooked with shallot, coriander, mint, tomato, lemongrass and chef's dressing. Resembles a Vietnamese beef salad! It's so tangy and the beef is so addictive. Can be a bit too chilli but so glad, I've been trained with Korean food, I think I can handle chilli like a normal person now.

pad c ew ($9.90):
Fresh rice sheet noodles wok tossed in a soy sauce with chinese broccoli and basil, chicken or pork and egg. It kind of resembles the beef soy noodle stir fry Chinese people make but its smokier and sweeter. The vegetables are still crunchy which is a nice contrast to the soft noodles. Probably most satisfying pad see ew to finish off the savoury line up.

break stick with custard ($5.00):

Deep fried dough sticks with pandan and evaporated milk as sauce. The bread sticks were softer and less oilier than chinese donut sticks. I don't know where the custard comes in but the sauce was so nice. My new favourite dessert - nice and simple.

$81.20 for all this and 4 servings of rice for $10.00 for 7 people to be stuffed. I definitely want to come back here at 6pm one night and eat through the dessert menu. It looks and sounds so good. The staff are nice, taking photos for us and the service is so quick even with a full house and they don't rush us to order or get out. Plus the serving portions were great and it came down to only about $12.00 per person! But one problem, the entree dishes came after the mains and the dessert came before the mains.

Revisted on 18/02/14 

stir fried crispy pork belly with pik khing sauce ($9.90):
Stir fried crispy pork belly with chilli, lime leaf and Pik Khing sauce served with rice. The pork belly skin was so crispy! So good. When I found a hair in my rice, the waitress immediately took it back and gave me a whole new dish.

stewed chicken drum stick noodle soup ($9.90):
Rice noodle served with homemade stewed chicken drum stick, bean sprouts in chicken stock soup. The chicken meat was so tender and soft it fell right off its bone. The noodles were perfect but I would have preferred more bean sprouts.

spicy pork noodle soup ($9.90):

Rice noodle served with minced pork, sliced bean sprouts and peanuts in clear spicy soup. Although it was quite hot and humid, the tangy flavour of this soup was really refreshing.

Gotta love Home Thai's $9.90 lunch specials!
home thai
2/299 sussex street
sydney NSW 2000
e: info@homethai.com.au
t: (02) 9261 5058
w: http://www.homethai.com.au/

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  1. I love your photos! I've heard about about Home Thai, it looks so good. But it looks awfully similar to Chat Thai. Are they run by the same people or something?



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