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In my first speaking session with our new (not so new any more but) Japanese sensei, I asked what she wanted to do in Sydney and she said that she wanted to visit a nice restaurant and eat Australian food. I then asked if she ever been to Pancakes on the Rocks to which replied excitedly with "Aw no! but I would love too! I've heard a lot about it from my friends". And today was the perfect day to do so since Vivid was on and everyone from the class would be in the city attending a Japanese workshop. On her real birthday, we  bought a white cake box and sprinkled some crumbs inside before giving it her with a message inside saying, "We've kidnapped your cake! If you want to save it, come to Pancakes on the Rocks on .................." and she was seriously so happy!

pancakes on the rocks:

tandoori chicken pizza ($17.95):

Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated tandoori style. With spanish onions, cashew nuts and mozzarella cheese, topped with mango chutney, minted yoghurt and more cashew nuts. This unusual combination of toppings was unexpectedly really good! The sauces served together were also a good combination but when  I left my practically non existent crust, all the chunks of goodness fell onto my plate.

chicken and bacon pizza ($17.95):

Chicken breast pieces with bacon, fresh and sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, tomato salsa on a guacamole and mozzarella cheese base. Topped with sour cream, guacamole and shallots. Although this pizza does sound good, it was a let down! The guacamole was nice and all but the bacon, the juicy bacon was missing (too small to taste it since it was diced and all the other flavours of other ingredients just overpowered it)

pork ribs ($26.95):

A generous rack of pork ribs grilled in your choice of marinade barbeque, teriyaki or honey soya. Served with golden potato wedges and mixed lettuce. These could possibly be the best ribs I've ever tasted. The meat was tender and fell off its bone very easily and the saucey sauce was oh so sauc-ay ;).

nachos ($12.95):

Crunchy corn chips smothered in Mexican beef sauce, beans, jalopeno peppers and a generous melt of tasty cheese. Topped with sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa and shallots. Unknowingly ate a jalapeño -  it was the worst moment of my life (As you can see I cannot handle my chilli very well.. ) It super crunchy and all but the chips on the other side of this plate were all black and burnt but since I wanted to present pancakes on the rocks in such a beautiful way, and promote their business, I took it in this angle (they should pay me). You should hurry and finish this before the chips at the bottom become inedible because it's so soggy.

devils delight ($13.95):

to die for... Our chocolate pancakes with strawberries, cream, chocolate ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. It's as good as it looks in the picture! People who know me know that i absolutely hate chocolate (except oreos.. i love oreos hohohohohohoho) but these were so good ! However if you gave me that to eat all by myself I'd probably die - it's too chocolatey.

hot 'n' troppo ($11.95):

Buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana, walnuts, cream, chocolate ice cream and our home made chocolate sauce. I don't think I can describe how happy I was when these arrived. The edges were so nice and crispy but not crispy. Also the bananas dont look like real bananas though... The walnuts become a little too much after a while and you don't really want to eat them anymore.
At this point someone suddenly pointed out, "Oh! I know why pancakes are pancakes now! like PAN and CAKE! OMG I'm a genius!" and everyone gave her the (.__.) face.

blackforest cherry ($12.95):

Chocolate pancakes with cherries in cherry brandy sauce. Finished with cream, chocolate ice cream and a sprinkling of chocolate chips.last came the blackforest cherry pancakes! I didn't really like this ( yes purely because I'm not fond of chocolate) but the others around me did so you could try if you like. I think I've had way too much sugar for one.

Spent a total of $141.60 for 6 people (ordered 2 servings of pork ribs :D) and contrary to those bad reviews I read yesterday, the staff were really nice! Quick service too.

revisited - 10th December 2013
the ultimate ($12.95):
Crepes filled with cream cheese and sultanas, served with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream. I think this may be my new favourite dessert at Pancakes on the Rocks!
pancakes on the rocks
229-230 harbourside shopping centre
sydney, 2000, NSW
t: 02 9280 3791
f: 02 9280 0467

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