crispy crepe, cabramatta

next to the packed and forever busy crispy chicken house, tan viet in cabramatta is a little laneway with a cute little homey crepe shop!

left: mango and cream ($5.00) right: macadamia nut ($5.00):

left: red bean ($5.00) right: green tea ($5.00):

they were basically all the same anyway, same cornflake, m & ms, waffle stick, waffle biscuits and raisins toppings. i prefer the thin and flexible sheets of crepes to the hard ones too.

ok although these were cheap, i didn't find myself enjoying it as much as i would have enjoyed eating ice cream since my ice cream eating break. why? well the ice cream lacked the rich flavours that passionflower has! PASSIONFLOWER HAS PASSION!!! LOL ok. but all in all, that restaurant was quite homey :3 and i had a good time so yay!

crispy crepe

3/98 john street (Hill Street)
cabramatta 2166
sydney, nsw



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