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Instagram is my ultimate appetite stimulant. For me, 90% of the time when I decide to go to eat somewhere is based on the pictures I see on Instagram and it's no different when it comes to Caffe Tiamo. For the longest time I've been staring at my feed in envy as I scroll through photos of the interior and desserts at this ridiculously cute cafe.

So after dinner at Encasa, we waddled over to Caffe Tiamo. We were all there for one thing - the Melon Bing Soo.

A complimentary serving of ultra thin, spaghetti-like, salted pretzel sticks were presented to us in a cute jar to nibble on while we waited for our desserts and drinks. These savoury wire-like sticks are strangely addictive and disappeared in no time.

Shortly after, the melon bing soo arrived looking just as pretty as it did when I first saw it on Instagram.

Honey Dew Snow Ball ($20.00):

The insides of half a melon are dug out and filled with sweet, milky, ice shavings. The melon flesh is then used to form cute tiny balls, which are neatly stacked on top of the shaved ice. Colourful, chewy pieces of mochi are scattered throughout the melon balls and hidden beneath the ice, making it all the more fun to eat! And to top it all off, a large scoop of vanilla ice cream sits on top of the whole melon. It was just so good, not overly sweet and a lovely combination of textures.

Oh and don't forget about the red bean on the side! Mix it through the airy snow-like ice at the end.

Although we're only here for the snow ball, we couldn't resist ordering churros after seeing the table next to us get it.

Churros ($13.50):
This crunchy Spanish snack will definitely make your day. These warm and crispy churros are served with mixed berries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer sticks, generously drizzled with nutella syrup, a dollop of whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar. It was almost like playing Jenga as we tried to pull out the longer sticks at the bottom without making the whole churro tower topple over.

Iced Taro Latte ($5.50):                                                              Soy Black Sesame Frappuccino ($6.50):
You can also get really good drinks here as well! There are so many to choose from. You have your normal fruit smoothies, crushes and coffee to more funkier stuff like black sesame frappuccinos, taro lattes to chestnut lattes!

This place is such a great place to chill with friends for drinks and desserts and definitely worth a visit! I also want to come back to try the food on the savoury menu!
Caffe Tiamo
374 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
t: 0404 025 525

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  1. i cant stop staring at that melon bing soo either!!! it's so fricken pretty!

  2. that melon bing soo looks gorgeous!!! and I would love to try taro latte yum!

  3. great pictures, that melon dessert looks so good :)

  4. Melon bingsoo FTW! But how come I didn't get the pretzel sticks??

  5. OMG THAT MELON BIN SOO <3 !! your blog makes me so hungry arggh!



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