gelateria gondola, chatswood

So after filling up at Ryo's, Irene and I caught the train to Chatswood and waddled over to Gondola because let's face it, it ain't no birthday without ice cream!

It's a relatively new gelato place and could possibly be the best in Sydney! They do classics and crowd pleasers with flavours like chocolate, panna cotta, tiramisu, hazelnut and pistachio to black sesame, taro, lychee and cacao, blood orange and melon.

Check out their daily specials because they'll probably have new and exciting flavour combos.

We took forever to decide what to order but the staff were super patient and more than happy to let us sample a couple of their flavours.

The great thing about this place is that they use fresh Jersey cow milk, imported pistachio from Sicily while sorbets contain 40% fresh fruit, resulting in flavours that are intense yet smooth and creamy.

Sesamo Nero and Pistachio Siciliano ($7.50):
Black sesame and Pistachio gelato. 
Black sesame and pistachio are both in my top 5 favourite gelato flavours and let me just say, Gondola makes the best black sesame gelato! What's unique and what I love about this version is its toasted, nutty undertones and grains of black sesame which give it a lovely, grainy texture in contrast to the smooth gelato. The pistachio gelato is equally as good and may actually be better than Messina's version!

Banana Nutella and Arance Rosse Aperol ($7.50):
Banana Nutella gelato and blood orange sorbet.
Irene decides to get the banana Nutella gelato and Blood Orange Sorbet. This was my first time trying blood orange sorbet and I'm in love! There's a perfect balance of sweet and sour with a subtle hint of bitterness. It was so good, I kept stealing spoonfuls of it (Sorry!). The banana Nutella flavour also had me coming back for more. Loved every bit of it!

There are so many more interesting flavours to try and they even do crepes. I'm dying to try the sugar and lemon one so I'll definitely be back!
Gelateria Gondola
2/77 Archer St
Chatswood, NSW 2067
t: (02) 8084 1714

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  1. I have mixed feelings about the black sesame though.. Haha. Need to come back here soon!

    1. LOL that's because you're not a fan of black sesame to begin with hahahahahahaha

  2. love gondola! Have to go back to try more flavours :D

  3. Interesting to know this sweet treat joint uses Jersey cow milk :D

  4. Pistachio for me is the benchmark gelato flavour, if a store does it well, then you know you are at a good gelataria :)

    I need to try Gondola next time I am in Chatswood. Banana and Nutella? Yes please - that alone has prompted me to go!

  5. Black sesame gelato has to be one of my favourite!!! The downside is that all the bits and pieces of black sesame seem to be magically attracted to my gums and teeth (I know, sorry it's gross!) so smiling is always out of the question afterwards :) :)

  6. mmm interesting place! i love black sesame anything!

  7. Banana and peanut butter ice cream blood orange sorbet, really want to try.



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