wang wang shanghai silver star, kingsford

With the sudden change in weather, super cold nights, and the cold I've come down with, there's no medicine food like hot homey dumplings with an explosion of hot soup in your mouth.

wang wang shanghai silver star
Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star is a relatively small Chinese restaurant serving Shanghainese cuisine on Anzac Parade. We arrive at the restaurant at about 5pm on a Monday night after a boring lecture and it's already packed with university students. There's no need to worry though, there's also a small upstairs area with more seats and tables.

Vinegar and soy sauce bottles are provided on each table - but you have to ask the waitress or waiter for the sauce dishes.

shanghai steamed mini buns (6pc) ($6.00):
The little steamed pockets of pork are bigger than your average xiao long bao you get at other, more well known restaurants. Hidden inside each dumpling is a burst of flavoursome broth and tender pork mince. Because I often forget that there's soup inside (please tell me I'm not the only one), I appreciate the fact that the broth wasn't scalding hot but still steaming.

pan fried buns filled with pork (6pc) ($6.00):
These pan fried buns are filled with the same subtle gingery pork mince as the steamed pork dumplings but here, the meat and soup are encased in a fluffier bun with a crispy pan fried bottom. So good. Poke the wrong hole, and your soup might just fly in the wrong direction.

salty egg yolk with tofu ($11.80):

The deep fried tofu is served on a small bed of vermicelli noodles and a bowl of complimentary rice. The tofu and the fluffy crisp batter is so silky, it practically melts as soon as you eat it with a spoonful of rice. It's nice with a really good balance of saltiness. 

Wang Wang serves pretty decent foods with really cheap prices for the amount you get. I've heard that their drunken chicken and cold peanut noodles were also really good and I'm hoping to try them out soon. But don't come in here expecting great service and ambience. If you're looking for a quick, filling and cheap feed, this is the place for you.
Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star
476 Anzac Parade
Kingsford, NSW 2032
t: (02) 9662 1688

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