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A friend travelled all the way from Petersham to the Fairfield area to see what the "countryside" was like. To her surprise Cabramatta didn't look any thing like the countryside but instead if was bustling with life and busy people. I showed her around my favourite restaurants and told he what my favourite dishes to order were. She decided that we should just try some where new. We ended up using the Urbanspoon app and shaking it to decide where we would go. I was positive Tan Viet would come up but surprisingly Pho Minh did.

pho minh:
Pho Minh is a Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant which has been around for a long time. I don't usually come to this restaurant since I wasn't too fond of their pho. Their version of the broth is a bit saltier than most other places.

bun bo hue ($10.00):

Spicy beef noodle soup with vermicelli noodles. Felt pretty oily but the dish tasted fine. Would have been better though if the dish had more noodles and less meat. There was so much meat!!

Fresh basil, cabbage, bean sprouts and a lemon. There were also other things that you could add for chilli lovers.

seafood stir-fried rice noodles ($12.00):

Fat flat rice noodles are stir fried and a sauce containing vegetables, carrots, baby corn, pork patties, squid, prawn and fish cakes is poured over the plain noodles. I really like noodles. You could taste the smokiness from the 'wok breath' but the sauce prevented the noodles from going dry. It was soft, slippery and moist but not disgustingly soggy or bloated. May be a little too salty though.

The meal came down to be $22.00. My city friend was super surprised and said it was too cheap for good food. I told her that there is a similar price range across this area for this sort of food. Upon hearing this she excitedly began to plan her next trip to Cabramatta for more good food. We were both pretty pleased with our dishes.
pho minh
42 arthur st
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9726 5195

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