passionflower, haymarket

Dessert place that can house about 20 people? Passionflower it was!

as good as it gets ($15.50):
Experience the best premium ice creams, azuki red bean, durian, taro & pandan, with coconut jelly & glutinous balls drowned in a shot of coconut sauce.

 cookie me up ($15.50):
Cookie and cream ice creams with chunks of triple chocolate fudge cookie all topped with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

double happiness ($15.00):
Two time's Japanese green tea & azuki red bean ice creams, lavished with azuki red bean paste stacked with a mountain of home-made glutinous balls.

black pearl ($15.50):

Original black sesame ice creams infused with crushed peanuts and black sesame glutinous balls, truly an original passionflower creation. I don't think I have to make any comments on ice cream right - they all taste nice!
Shop G12 Capitol Square
730-742 George Street
Haymarket NSW, 2000
t: (02) 9281 8322


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