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By Sugarbowl, I don't mean the college football bowl game. I'm talking about one of the sweetest places in Edmonton.

Sugarbowl is known to have one of the best alcohol lists in the area (perhaps this is why it's so popular among the students here) and the food is equally, if not more reputable. The menu is short compared to the drinks list but it's unique and sweet.

This place is always full. No matter what time you decide to visit, there is always a line. Waiting forty five minutes for lunch is the norm.

I had done my homework before coming here and I knew exactly what I wanted - the chicken and waffles. Just the name itself sounded incredibly irresistible and maybe even slightly sinful.

Chicken & Waffle ($14.00):
Buttermilk, spice marinated chicken breast on a waffle served with maple butter.

This being my first time trying chicken and waffles, I wasn't entirely sure on how it was meant to be deconstructed. Separately, both components were great! The chicken was flavoursome, not too greasy, well seasoned and tender while the waffles were sweet and fluffy with crisp, golden edges.

Surprisingly, the combination of sweet maple butter with pan-fried chicken breast and waffle wasn't bad at all! It was well balanced - not too sweet or overpoweringly rich and heavy. But I wish I could have smuggled that maple butter out.

SugarBowl Benny ($13.00):
Grilled corn bread, back bacon, bechamel and potatoes.

Since it has been quite chilly as of late, this hearty dish couldn't look any more appetising.. There was nothing to fault here.

You place two slices of warm back bacon on a thick slab of toasty cornbread, top that with two perfectly spherical poached eggs threatening to burst with runny yolk, douse all that in a rich and fragrant thyme infused bechamel sauce. Serve this with fluffy, crisp potatoes and a zingy house made tomato relish and you've pretty much won my heart.

Sugarbowl just elevated the classic eggs benny to a whole new level for me.

Spinach Feta Omelette ($12.00):
2 eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast

The omelette was light and fluffy with the most perfect amount of spinach and feta. Oh and those potatoes - they never fail to save the day.

Cinnamon Bun ($4.25):

After receiving dozens of recommendations for Sugarbowl's cinnamon buns, there was no way I'd leave without trying them. And let me just say, hun, this place definitely has buns. It's buttery, fluffy, airy and generously coated with cinnamon sugar. Ask to get it toasted, and slab some butter on that thang. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Living only ten minutes away, I'm surprised I'm not here more often since Sugarbowl definitely lives up to it's slogan - "Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Awesome".
10922 88 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6G0Z1
t: (780) 433-8369

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