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I love Cabramatta and all but the one thing I don't like about it is that most restaurants close far too early. By 7pm, most places have closed or are getting ready close. We were craving cheap Vietnamese food and to celebrate the end of the first half of semester 2 of uni and a friend's birthday, we decided to go Pho Viet.

pho viet:
As the name suggests, it's known for its pho. We decided to pick other dishes.

vegetarian combination fried noodles ($10.00):

We had a vegetarian friend with us and since nothing on the menu was vegetarian, we requested for one. The waiter said he could ask the chef to whip up a vegetarian noodle stir fry. The sauce was packed with baby sweet corn, broccoli, Chinese broccoli, mushrooms, Holland peas and carrots which lay on top of a bed of smoky wok fried flat rice noodles.

bun ram suon ($11.00):
Deep fried spring rolls and fired pork chop with vermicelli noodles. I picked something super simple and homey. Even after dressing the noodles with chilli fish sauce, the spring rolls did not go soggy. I can never mix the spring onion and crushed peanuts evenly throughout the dish so I always end up having a peanut fish saucy last bite which I totally love.

mi quang ($12.00):
Prawn, crab meat and pork with handmade noodle soup. We ask the waiter what he recommends because we have a hard time choosing from such a big variety. He suggests mi quang and it did not disappoint! You can taste the peanut and seafood flavours in the broth and the prawns are so succulent and juicy. The noodles were the best! They were yellow egg noodles but they were flat and similar to the flat, fat rice noodles only these egg ones were much chewier and bouncier. It was served with prawn crackers and bean sprouts! I loved it but for people who can't handle their chilli, please stay away.

com tam bi suon cha ($10.00):
Broken rice with fried pork chop and egg patty. My favourite Vietnamese dish of all time. Usually I find that at every restaurant which serves this dish, the egg patty does not even come close to the texture, taste and looks of the egg patty that my mum makes. Loved the pork chop though.

bun bo hue ($10.00):

Beef, pork and noodles in a hot chilli soup. On a hot and sweaty 30 degree day, why would anyone order something spicy? But from the family I was brought up in, we fight fire with fire. Apparently spicy and hot foods makes us sweat, which is really unpleasant while eating but the heat from within is getting flushed out of your system and 'net' body temperature/energy from within is suppose to be cooled. Anyway no complaints for this dish except that it was really spicy.

There was a very interesting dish on the menu called braised bull's penis which none of us had the courage to try. The food was great and as usual the portions were humongous. I don't think I need to eat for next 3 days. Prices for each dish generally ranged from $10 - $15. An overall, both service and food were super satisfying.
pho viet
11-15 john street
cabramatta NSW 2166
t: (02) 9728 6657

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