lao beijing yang xie zi huo guo

My favourite thing to eat on a cold winter's night is lamb hot pot! Luckily, for someone lazy like me and my brother, there was a hot pot eatery right around the corner from our cousin's house so we didn't have to travel far.

lao beijing han ji yang xie zi huo guo;
lamb hot pot (¥68.00):
The area filled with boiling broth is very narrow. You'll have to eat some of the lamb bones before you can dunk your food inside to cook. It was so tender and peppery. Just hard to eat since there wasn't much meat to suck off each bone.

lamb's stomach (¥9.00):
Chewy lamb's stomach.

ostreatus mushroom (¥6.00)
fish balls with filling inside (¥15.00):
Not a fan of fish balls with weird filling. This was no exception but it tasted better than the ones we can buy in Sydney.

beef tripe (¥15.00):
lamb (¥35.00):
kept knots (¥3.00):
spinach (¥6.00):
squid (¥12.00):
Does that even look like squid to you? It was extremely pink and tasted nothing like squid but when we inquired, the waitress said it was squid.

pig's brain (¥12.00):
Would you dare to eat pig brains? One of the many delicacies available in China and also a family favourite (not so much mine). It doesn't taste that bad but I can't get over how brainy it looks.

vermicelli (¥3.00):
old tofu (¥3.00):
Tofu that isn't too soft and will withstand the heat and power of boiling liquid.

fried gluten (¥3.00):
This potato looking thing is hollow inside. It immediately looses shape when you dunk it in the broth and soaks it up very well so be careful when you bite this. Don't burn your lips/tongue!

Another pleasant and cheap meal.
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