won jo korean bbq restaurant, strathfield

With Sydney's moody spring weather, a bunch of us found ourselves craving for a spicy and hearty Korean meal. We had a vegetarian with us so it made the task of finding a restaurant all the harder. We walked down The Boulevarde once we got out of the station and walked until we saw a large menu on the window of Won jo. We stood there for a few minutes deciding what we could order and what we could exclude meat from.

won jo korean bbq restaurant:

It has a very modern interior with wooden tables and chairs. One side only caters for tables of four while the other caters for a larger six person group. The second half the restaurant has the comfy wall couch like seats but is restricted for people under 18.

free side dishes (banchan):

Like most other Korean restaurants, we were given free side dishes. At Won jo, we were given six which is two more than the four that are usually given in other restaurants. From the top left hand corner, there was cold cream pasta, seasoned kelp, sesame bean sprouts, spicy tofu skin,  kimchi and potato in glazed potato.

spicy hot tofu soup ($13.00):

A stone pot of bubbling spicy hot tofu stew arrives at our table first. We made sure all meat would be taken out of this and the noodles. It is served with a bowl of rice which we mixed into the soup while it was still boiling. Nothing more comforting than that on a cold gloomy day like today.

jajangmyun ($10.00):

I think this was the most anticipated dish because how tasty this had been when we tasted it at other places. Although the noodles were right texture-wise, the sauce was quite tasteless and the silent disappointment could be heard from our table.

fried dumplings ($12.00):

A last minute order. A meat batter is wrapped in a dough made of flour and egg and fried. The skin is absolutely bland without the sauce. Fried food is always nice to eat but every time I eat deep fried dumplings, I feel like I'm just eat a paper towel soaked of oil.

sweet & spicy fried chicken - half ($15.00):

This was definitely the highlight for today. The crispy pieces of bite sized chicken was covered with a very sweet sauce (not very spicy) and served with some greens. Everyone  came back for more and in no time, the platter disappeared! It was so crunchy - oh, so good.

seafood stir-fried rice cake hot pan ($38.00):
This bowl of rice cakes was HUGE. Under the pile of rice cakes are more pipis, prawns, octopus and even more rice cakes. The rice cakes however were drier than what I would prefer. I'd rather have the typical rice cakes you can get a food stands drowned in a tongue killing chilli sauce.

The experience wasn't totally a disappointing but given the chance, I probably wouldn't return.
won jo bbq korean restaurant 
33A the boulevarde
strathfield NSW 2135
t: (02) 9746 7041

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