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Hurray! So for my 18th birthday, my dear friends decided to take me karaoke-ing and eat Japanese food! It was either Wagaya or Mizuya and Mizuya is closer to Town Hall station so we just ended up there.

We didn't really look through their menus since we only had 2 hours of karaoke-ing and felt that we had to make the most of it so ordering was done very quickly and with little thought.

crocodile karaage ($8.80):
Deep fried pieces of crocodile fillet.The exterior was still quite crispy when it arrived and was served with a really nice spicy sauce. The meat was somewhat tender but chewy at the same time and had a tinge of sweetness in it. Liked this too.

takoyaki ($5.80):
salmon sashimi ($9.80):
baby scallop mantaiko udon ($10.80):
Udon noodles in cheesy cream sauce and baby scallops. This was so cheesy but so good.

cuttlefish sushi ($7.60):

Cuttlefish sashimi on sushi rice. This was pretty

wagyu beef & garlic fried rice ($13.80):

Wok tossed wagyu beef, egg, green beans and garlic with rice. The garlicky smell and taste was the best.

(from left to right) -  sakura ($12.00), fuji sunset ($13.80), coconut kimono ($13.00), midori & lemonade ($6.50):

Including 2 hour karaoke for 4 people ($10 per hour), the bill came to a total of $141.90.
basement 614 george st
sydney NSW 2000
t: (02) 9266 0866
w: http://www.mizuya.com.au/

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